I called Mosquito Control to request a spray and you sent out a technician.  Why can’t you just spray?
Sending out a technician is not a substitute for treating your area, but a supplement— the information they gather helps to determine when and how you will get treated.  Inspecting the area lets us know the types and number of mosquitoes present, as well as how wide-spread the problem might be.    The technician can also help you to identify trouble spots around your home and neighborhood that might be contributing to a mosquito problem.

How many phone calls do you need to receive before you will spray my area?  If I get my whole block or Homeowner’s Association to call you, will it get my area treated faster?
Although resident requests do play a part in our decision to spray an area, they are not the only factor we consider.  Just one call from a particular street or neighborhood is sufficient to let us know you are having a problem, and we will incorporate that information into our decision.  More phone calls from an area do not guarantee a quicker spray.

How will I know if my area is scheduled to be treated?
You can call or visit our office at any time during business hours to inquire about which areas we are planning to spray.  After hours, this information will be played in our voicemail message, so simply call the office.  If you would like to be notified when your area is scheduled for treatment, you can ask to be placed on our call list.  Once on this list, we will call you anytime we have planned a spray in your area.

What if I don’t want to get sprayed?
Unfortunately, because of the nature of our spray treatments, we are unable to skip over specific areas within the spray zone.  If you would like to avoid contact with the spray, we recommend you get placed on our call list so you can be notified prior to any spray treatment of your area.