Help!  We are being carried away by mosquitoes!  What do I do?
You can register a mosquito complaint at any time by calling our office, or visiting in person during business hours.  If you get our voicemail, please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number, and address, so that we can properly register your request.  It will factor into our decision on when and how to treat an area.

Can I get a spray schedule?
We rarely plan spray missions more than one day in advance.  The decision to spray is based on a wide variety of factors, and we adjust our priorities based on the most recently-available data.  You are always welcome to call or visit to find out which areas we have scheduled for treatment that evening.

Why don’t I see or hear the trucks spraying at night anymore? 
Over the past few seasons, we have transitioned to a focus on aerial spray treatments rather than ground treatments.  Our aircraft can cover a far larger, unbroken area than trucks (which are limited to roads and driveways, and often blocked by obstacles), and can complete their missions in a fraction of the time that it would take a ground-based crew.  This allows us to be flexible and efficient when responding to the county’s needs.

On rare occasions, we may decide to use the trucks in addition to the aircraft.  Additionally, our spray trucks are still used for event, or “special”, sprays.

I’m having a special outdoor event.  Could you treat my area for mosquitoes?
We do grant special spray requests for large outdoor events such as weddings and sporting events.  Weather permitting, a spray truck will come to your location very early in the morning on the day of your event, and spray the event location and surrounding area.  Special sprays provide temporary mosquito relief that lasts approximately one day, depending on the type of mosquito and the size of the population.  They will not prevent new mosquitoes from emigrating into the treated area.  Actual treatment will be dependent upon weather conditions and meeting EPA-required adult mosquito threshold criteria. 

Please plan ahead, as requests received less than two business days before the event may not be able to be fulfilled.  Contact our office for more information on requesting special sprays.