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Chatham County Mosquito Control is responsible for providing a comprehensive, cost effective mosquito abatement program for Chatham County and all of its municipalities.

This is accomplished through the implementation and integration of various safe and environmentally sound mosquito control measures to protect all Chatham citizens from pestiferous and medically important mosquitoes.

Chatham County is the most northern coastal county in Georgia, with a land area of approximately 438 square miles.The area includes a variety of aquatic and terrestrial habitats, such as coastal barrier islands, urban landscape, and xeric sandhill regions. Forty species of mosquitoes are known to occur in the county. Chatham County Mosquito Contrtol has a staff of twenty-nine and is fortunate to be an independent county department, reporting directly to the County Manager.

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Mosquito Forecast

For September 17 - 23, 2022


It seems that drier conditions have helped curve the mosquito larval populations in our region. However, Mosquito Control staff are still busy treating for adult mosquitoes, and aerial treatments will continue across the county. Some areas may also see ULV trucks treating localized problems where adult mosquitoes are causing a nuisance for residents. No new West Nile positive mosquito samples were reported to us this past week, although we will keep monitoring mosquitoes for this and other arboviruses as Fall approaches. Please remember to empty buckets, pots or other articles that fill with rainwater and report any potential mosquito problem directly to us at Mosquito Control or on-line through our website at Chatham County Mosquito Control . If you would like to receive notifications of aerial adult mosquito missions in your area during 2022, please register on the county’s Smart911 system at:

Chatham County Mosquito Control
(912) 790-2540

Mosquito Prevention

It is easy to help stop mosquitoes from reproducing and spreading disease. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed.
Keep all containers around your home free from standing water!

Mosquito Prevention Mosquito Prevention Mosquito Prevention Mosquito Prevention Mosquito Prevention